Daimler Intellectual Property

Considering intellectual
property ensures
freedom to operate

Daimler Intellectual Property

brands and innovations

Our brands and innovations are
the most valuable assets for the
future of the Daimler Group

Daimler Intellectual Property

Intellectual property infringement is theft

We protect our
intellectual property
rights worldwide

Daimler Intellectual Property

With Daimler Intellectual Property, our assets are in safe hands.
Our experts are active in the following areas:


We secure all intellectual property
for the Daimler Group


We ensure that our group
respects IP rights of others.


We oppose our Intellectual Property
Rights against misuse.


We defend our group companies
against attacks by third parties.


We actively exploit our IP rights
in the global production and
distribution network.


We provide comprehensive advice
on all IP issues and global
industrialization projects.

Neue Ideen für die Zukunft

With powerful brands & leading
innovations the future is now.

Daimler Intellectual Property was founded in July 2018.
All our experts are dedicated to the protection, defense,
active management and exploitation of the patents,
trademarks, designs and domains of Daimler AG

Active Daimler IP portfolio: 75.828 Brands, Patents, Domains and Designs
Karriere bei DAIMLER
Karriere bei DAIMLER
Karriere bei DAIMLER
Karriere bei DAIMLER
Karriere bei DAIMLER
Karriere bei DAIMLER
Karriere bei DAIMLER
Karriere bei DAIMLER

Your career at Daimler Intellectual Property

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DNA der Daimler AG

„We take care of the DNA of the Daimler Corporation, of its essential genetic make-up.“

Brand & IP Blog

Paper-based intragroup contracts will be a thing of the past for Daimler, thanks to the new fully-digital Contract Management System ‘Contracts for Daimler’ provided by Daimler IP. Covering a wide range of contract-related processes, it makes life easier for everyone setting up contracts within one Daimler entity or between Daimler entities.

Rooting out counterfeiters, learning the ropes of a new legal system, interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues from around the world: Sven-Eric Widmayer is a lawyer for brand protection and the right contact person at Daimler when it comes to product counterfeiting by third parties.

How to protect intellectual property

International TV series like Suits, with its cult character Harvey Specter, have made the legal profession popular. As a student, Dr. Peter Stiefel also saw himself as an attorney in a large law firm. Today, he is the head of Daimler's intellectual property department. His day-to-day motivation? "I work for one of the most valuable brands in the world. What could be better?" In this interview, he gives some insight into investigative work and why lawyers should join a company like Daimler.